I’m Joanie, a home cook, wife, mom and video creator.  I share recipes and the stories behind them here and in weekly videos on YouTube.  Food is my creative medium and I love bringing people and food together.  Want to learn more about me?  Head to my About Page.


“Everyone has at least one story that will stop your heart.” – Claudia Shear from Blown Sideways Through Life

I live by this quote and it’s what motivates me.  Food can transport us to special moments and significant memories.  It connects us to our past and to those around us.  Food and stories are meant to be shared so feel free to share yours with me by commenting below or e-mailing me.  I’d love to hear from you.


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Thanks for stopping by and lots of love to you!

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    • Hi Cathy! Sorry for the delay in response. I checked through my recipes and I am a big user of vinegar, so unfortunately, none of my dressings are without vinegar. Is there a particular kind of dressing you’re looking for? Something creamy or something more oil based? Happy to point you to other recipes on the web.

Hi! I’m Joanie.

I'm a pro food photographer living in Phoenix, AZ with my hubby and two little dudes. Join me on YouTube for photography and cooking tutorials.