They say that the first 1000 subscribers are the hardest, so I consider it a HUGE milestone to have hit the 1000 subscriber mark.

Joanie Simon

Of course, this was not a solo effort.  Sure, I made videos, but you were the one to hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button and follow all of my ongoing shenanigans online.  As a big ‘thank you’ for your part in my channel’s growth, I’m giving away one of my favorite cooking appliances: a Nesco Pressure Cooker.

I’ve used a pressure cooker in quite a few videos and every time I get comments from folks who don’t have one.  Sure, I always give you the alternative cooking instructions if you don’t have one, but now here’s your chance to score one of your own!!!  It’s the same exact one I’ve got and entering is super easy, just enter below:

Joanie Simon’s Pressure Cooker Giveaway

Thanks so much for being a part of my channel and my world.  It’s an honor to get to cook for you!