Not Over It

The topic of being over-scheduled has come up a bunch of times over the past few days.  It’s hard to miss in a culture of people on-the-go.  I read a post about someone working to declutter their schedule and thought, “ahhh, so nice to not have that problem any more.”

Oh wait.

Two hours later I was  overwhelmed, in ballistic frustration mode because of too much to do with too little time.  I had taken on commitments out of obligation that I should have declined.

So, about that whole “not having that problem anymore” thing…

I’ve been to the mountaintop where I reveled in clarity about my issues and felt strong in battling them.  Every day is an opportunity to grow, but it’s also one day further from the mountaintop, where memory fades and old habits tiptoe back into routine.

392ee0ac4180fb776e59c696e0218cdeI have written this list to keep as reminders this week ahead:

  • My heart’s longings won’t be fulfilled with a busier schedule.
  • I can’t make my troubles go away by scheduling over them.
  • I can’t find peace without rest.
  • My significance isn’t defined by my Outlook calendar.


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