About Me

I’m Joanie Simon and I’m a food photographer.

Every day in my studio is different, but some of my favorite things to do include:

Commercial and Editorial Food Photography –  creating drool-worthy images and videos with awesome clients.  From magazine covers to cookbooks, website banners to social media content, I love getting to collaborate with companies who have an exciting vision. If you need photos, check out my portfolio.

YouTuber – I’m an educator at heart and in 2017 I started sharing videos on YouTube about how to capture food in photos. The channel, The Bite Shot, quickly took off and I’m honored to teach and lead a community of thousands of enthusiastic food photographers.

I also teach more in-depth food photography instruction through my online courses.

Food Blogging – My photography career started in food blogging and I have had various food blogs dating back to 2006. I love sharing my favorite tried and true recipes at The Dinner Bell and spending time in my kitchen being creative.

When I’m not YouTubing or taking pictures of food, I’m spending time with my two boys, Mr. Simon, and our Mini Aussie Bruce on our “Ranchito” (it’s a little ranch) in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Headshot of Joanie Simon in her photography studio