Cheese Plate Checklist

One way to simplify your holiday entertaining is with a cheese plate.  Prep a platter and get on with the rest of your party!  Sounds simple, but I know I was confused the first time I tried to put one together.  That’s why I created the video below and a helpful Cheese Plate Checklist to help you out.

Follow the three important rules from my video and then review the Cheese Plate Checklist, and you’ll be done with your hors d’oeuvres course in a flash!

Want to recreate my exact cheese plate?  I used an Amercian Brie de Nangis, Murray’s Gorgonzola Mountain and Murray’s Mahon.  They’re similar in that they are all cow’s milk cheeses and domestic products, but they all different in terms of sharpness and texture.

The crackers are a basic multigrain.  The mustard is Trader Joe’s whole grain dijon.  The preserves are Smucker’s pineapple.  The nuts are Paleta Hot Chocolate Almonds and the fruit is a Pink Lady apple.  Best wishes in your holiday entertaining and if you ever have questions, just give me a holler!

Party Platters

*Disclaimer, the almonds were provided as a gift from Paleta, though not specifically intended by them for use in a cheese plate.  It was just too convenient to use them here and the spicy Hot Chocolate Almonds are, in fact, awesome.

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