Leftovers Stuffing Waffles

Happy Thanksgiving!  My sincerest well-wishes to you and yours for a healthy and relatively sane Thanksgiving.  Yes, it’s a crazy time, and if ya need a dose of reality to keep you from losing it while spending time with friends and family, don’t forget the Flapping Chicken.  Please, let them flap and give yourself permission to take care of yourself.

But, onto the most in-demand type of recipes: leftovers.  It’s inevitable after the big feast, but you know there is a limit to the number of leftovers sandwiches.  In case you’re looking for a Black Friday Brunch option, consider turning that stuffing into waffles.

Leftovers Waffles

It’s easy peasy, fo-sheezey!  It’s a simple ratio.

1 cup leftover stuffing + 1 egg = waffle mix.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Waffles

Toss that on a waffle iron and you’re in business.  For me, I turn it into a Benedict by adding some turkey hash with veggies topped with a fried egg and gravy.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Waffles

And in case you didn’t know it, I’m especially thankful for YOU this year.  Without folks like you reading these crazy recipes, I wouldn’t be having the time of my life making them.  Much love, many blessings and here’s to the best holiday of the year!

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