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I have been self-employed one year as of today.  Woot woot! May 1, 2015 kicked off what my therapist called “May Play,” a whole month devoted to all play and...

2016 Resolutions

I closed the books on 2015 in an uneventful way.  We made homemade pizza with the kids and set off fireworks at 7pm (much to Calvin’s chagrin as he’s not a...


I spoke last week in this video about the moment I was inspired to leave my job.  At the end of it, I told a story about doing my first live TV cooking segment and how...

Hi! I’m Joanie.

Former computer salesperson, now full time food blogger and TV personality. I live in Arizona with my husband Ryan and our two rugrats on our "Ranchito" (it's a little ranch). Favorite things: my camera, potatoes in any form and decorating with chickens.